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Boots on the Ground

Venti-Now doesn’t just box up and ship ventilators to overseas locations where they are needed. Dr. Peter Campbell, head of Innovatie Life Sciences – the ventilators’ manufacturer of record – and partner with Venti-Now, flies to the recipient country where he installs and services the machines, and trains medical personnel in their use.

Dr. Campbell usually spends about four days or longer at each facility. He first meets with the head of hospital to introduce himself. He then checks the ventilators that have been transported on the planes with him in a makeshift Lab in the hospital. He uses his biomedical engineering skills to test each ventilator to confirm operability. He then meets with the hospital personnel to demonstrate how the machines are to be installed and serviced. If additional infrastructure parts are needed, he works with the local suppliers to find and acquire additional components, such as air compressors and pneumatic parts. There are no big box stores in Africa like Home Depot or Lowes, so it can take ingenuity.

The next day typically is spent with the doctors and nurses to discuss the operation of the ventilators. The university lecture hall is where Dr. Campbell usually puts on his professor’s jacket. For these classes, he meets in the conference room or on the ward to teach the medical personnel how the ventilators can be used to increase the oxygen levels of the patients. Patients treated are typically for post-operative care; trauma, and COVID. The doctors and nurses are also taught how the patients can be weaned from the ventilators.

On day three Dr. Campbell dons his scrubs and goes onto the wards and into the operating rooms. His medical degree and experience comes into play as he advises the nurses and doctors in providing assisted breathing through the ventilators. The hospital personnel learn quickly and usually are able to fully operate the ventilators by the end of the training sessions.

Dr. Campbell partners with Venti-Now to give the gift of air to those desperately needing it. You too can help by partnering with Venti-Now to produce more ventilators to save lives. Please go to for ways you can help.

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