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2021 A year in Review

Venti-Now Mission:

To quickly put Safe, Effective, and Affordable emergency ventilators into the hands of medical staff to address the COVID Pandemic and respiratory needs.

Wow, we have come even further this second year. At this point we have 42 devices in the field delivering daily emergency respiratory care to patients in East Africa. The work our entire team has done on our ‘elegantly simple’ Venti-Now emergency ventilator is saving lives on a daily basis.

Here are a few highlights of the our team.

  • Our core team of volunteer experts and suppliers tirelessly continued our mission. Thank you, family, friends, and colleagues!

  • 42 of our devices have been deployed in East African hospitals and are saving lives each day.

  • Clinical reports and testimonials from doctors show just how effective our devices have been.

  • Our Venti-Now Trademark and Patent claims were both granted by the USPTO

  • The IRS has designated Venti-Now as a 501(c)3 nonprofit. Donations are tax deductible!

  • Assist Control patient triggered breathing was successfully designed and implemented. Our device synchronizes with patient breathing to facilitate weaning and avoid intubation.

  • Our clever design team mounted all the new Assist Control components under a new top plate for an easy swap out upgrade in the field.

  • We have applied for FDA supplemental authorization for our Assist Control upgrade model.

  • Our fabulous website and marketing plan continue to generate global interest and donations

  • We collaborated with ventilator teams in Puerto Rico, San Diego, Los Alamos, and Switzerland, providing technical information to help their programs.

  • Dr. Campbell received UC Village Life honors for his work in Tanzania

  • License agreement was signed with Los Alamos National Labs for ventilator technologies

  • Innovatië LifeSciences deployed devices and trained staff in Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya as our Manufacturer of Record (MOR)

  • Collaboration and testing at the UC Medical respiratory labs continued under the guidance of the USAF Chief medical device officer. This guidance was invaluable to improving our device.

  • We continued collaboration with the UC College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Experienced Based Learning Program by engaging yet another excellent Biomedical Engineering Student Co-op in our ventilator development program for two semesters in 2021

  • Our development phase has been completed and our laboratory has been closed out. Many thanks to the Anderson Alliance and HCDC for laboratory space they provided this year.

2022 year….What is next?

  • 10 Assist Control devices will be deployed in East Africa in January 2022. Many thanks to Dr. Campbell for continuing to lead this effort.

  • Focus is on fund raising, production, and deployment to underserved communities.

    • Kit to upgrade existing units to Assist Control is about $2000 to produce/deploy

    • New devices with full capability are about $6500 to produce/deploy

  • Please consider a tax-deductible donation before the year end to get more devices in the hands of clinicians. Talk to your tax professional about the advantages of donations from IRA or RMD funds.

Stay safe my friends.

Our Venti-Now team wishes you all a Very Healthy 2022!

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