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Our Business Partners

Special Thanks to our Medical Partners and our Volunteer Team for generously supporting the development of this device with their time, expertise, and volunteer personnel. 
We would like to thank P&G for their very generous donation of seed money, volunteers and broad expertise across research and development, engineering and supply chain to help us realize our mission of saving lives.
UC Health.png
We would like to thank the University of Cincinnati for their generous in-kind donation and support. The efforts of their faculty and graduate students, along with access to their medical and engineering facilities and simulation lab, helped turn this vision into a reality.
We would like to thank Your Encore for their very generous in kind donation and support. Their CEO leads our funding team, they provided additional key personnel to assist with FDA and Q&A teams, and office space. Their support has been instrumental in helping us gather our team of experts.
Village Life logo.png
We would like to thank Village Life Outreach Program for their generous in-kind donation and support. Their efforts connecting us with hospitals in East Africa was invaluable to our global expansion initiative. They provided key personnel to advise and assist us in our endevors.  
MemLogo_PMC Smart Solutions.jpg
We would like to thank PMC Smart Solutions for their very generous support in the production of our initial emergency ventilators at their Class III certified medical manufacturing site.
We would like to thank Los Alamos National labs for validating our emergency ventilator on the national ventilator test bed at LANL. 
We would like to thank Walter Haverfield for all of the expert legal work they have done for Venti-Now.
We would like to thank Sheldon Reder Certified Public Accountants for the expert accounting work they have done for Venti-Now.
We would like to thank ADL-LSI Technology for their printed circuit board support of our program.

Our Hospital Partnerships


Kisubi Hospital in Kisubi, UG / Contact: Dr. Robert Asaba (Medical Director) 
Lubago Hospital in Rubago, UG / Contact: Dr. Andrew Ssekitoleko (Executive Director)
Platinum Hospital in Kampala, UG / Contact: Dr.Hawa (Cheif ICU)
International Hospital of Kampala in Kampala, UG / Contact: Dr. Peter Ntege (Medical Director) and Dr.Ian Clarke (Founder) installation pending


Bugando Medical Centre in Mwanza, TZ / Contact Dr. Ally Munir Akrabi (Emergency Medicine)
Shirati Hospital in Shirati, TZ / Contact: Dr. Bwire Chirangi (Medical Director)
Seko Toure Hospital in Mwanza, TZ / Contact: Dr. Bahati Msaki (Specialist In-Charge)

Kenya &


We have been authorized by the medical authorities to install emergency ventilators in both Keya and the Philippines. We have donation agreements at the following hospitals for future installations.
P.C.E.A. Kikuyu Hospital in Kikuyu, Kenya
Kendu Adventist Hospital in Kendu, Kenya
Zamboanga City Medical Center in Zamboanga, Philippines
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