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Venti-Now Non-Profit Announces Upgraded Ventilators For Tanzania

(Cincinnati Ohio) Venti-Now is very excited to announce it has donated and installed 10 kits to upgrade ventilators at both the Bugando and Shirati Medical Centers in Tanzania.

The organization's focus has been on continuing to improve the device with an upgraded design that includes a battery backup and the Assist Control ventilation mode. Assist Control senses a patient's attempt at a breath and delivers a full breath in response. This allows the patient to be awake and alert using a face mask instead of having to be intubated. This is critical in many areas of Africa where paralytic drugs and clinician experience with intubation are not available.

Dr. Alli Munir Akrabi from the Bugando Medical Centre in Mwanza Tanzania described to our volunteers how these Venti-Now devices have saved many COVID and emergency patients over the past two years.

Venti-Now volunteer Robert Webbink had this to say, "Installing these upgrades was an extremely fulfilling experience of a lifetime. Everywhere we went, clinicians and staff talked about the life saving impact our devices are having on patients. It made me very proud of the work we have done to deliver these into the field."

Our Board would like to thank Robert and his wife Jenny for making the trip to Tanzania to install these upgrades.

Pictured Left to right: Dr Bahati Wajanga, Director of Medical Services, Robert Webbink, Jenny Webbink, Dr. Ally Munir Akrabi, Emergency Physician

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