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Donations- Our goal is to raise enough money to supply safe, effective and affordable emergency ventilators in the USA and around the globe. We are building a supply chain to produce from hundreds to thousands of these elegantly simple resuscitators per week to meet the gap in local and global healthcare needs. Your donation of any size, will help us in this mission. Venti-Now was incorporated as a non-profit and does not seek to profit from this pandemic. 

Sizable Donations- Please contact Brad Lawson directly about a business sponsorship or large donation.

Spread the Word- One of the biggest help to us at this time is to spread the word. Please like us on social media and share with your friends and family what Venti-Now is doing to help with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Manufacturing- We are currently looking for companies to help expand our manufacturing department to fulfill demands. If you believe your company could assist in manufacturing please contact Bill Wise.


Government Agencies- We are working with government Health Agencies who are in need of emergency ventilators and have the means to distribute them to where they are needed most. If you are part of a state of federal agency and have needs for emergency ventilators please contact us through the links below. Under the COVID-19 PREP act we cannot sell to individuals or directly to hospitals at this time.

Circle of Honor Benefactors:


We would like to thank P&G for their very generous donation of seed money, volunteers and broad expertise across research and development, engineering and supply chain to help us realize our mission of saving lives.

We would like to thank the University of Cincinnati for their generous in-kind donation and support. The efforts of their faculty and graduate students, along with access to their medical and engineering facilities and simulation lab, helped turn this vision into a reality.

We would like to thank Your Encore for their very generous in kind donation and support. Their CEO leads our funding team, they provided additional key personnel to assist with FDA and Q&A teams, and office space. Their support has been instrumental in helping us gather our team of experts.

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For any questions you have, you can reach Venti-Now here:

Venti-Now Non-Profit Corp

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