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How We Started

How did Venti-Now get started?

The call to arms in this war against Coronavirus began in Mid-March of 2020. That’s when my sister who is an ER doctor on the front lines, began to relate the carnage to our family and how the severe lack of necessary ventilators was increasing the death toll...

Our Mission

Venti-Now was originally created for the purpose of designing rapidly produced, low-cost, emergency ventilators. These resuscitators were designed to meet critical demand during a pandemic. Our team also aims to license low cost ventilators to regions of the world who cannot afford expensive multi-modal ventilators. Our goal is to enable the production of thousands of ventilators through licenses under very generous terms, without profiting from the pandemic. We believe no one's life should be at stake due to a lack of ventilators.


-Together we will save lives.

Global Impact

In the Forbes article titled Africa Will Need Thousands Of Inexpensive Ventilators To Treat COVID-19 Patients And We Can Help Them 5/8/20, you can read about what the needs in Africa will be and the global need for ventilators. Our ventilator is uniquely designed to meet the needs of developing countries and we believe we can help globally.

"Africa has not yet had a major outbreak of COVID-19, but it is almost surely on the way. When it does come, African healthcare systems will be strained badly, even worse than those in Asia, Europe and the United States have been given its respective resources, capacities and access to sophisticated technology. It will be difficult, to be understated about it, to save the sickest patients on the African continent who will need acute respiratory support to survive the virus. 

As reported in The New York Times and in The Atlantic, many African nation-states have virtually no ventilators on hand whatsoever....

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For any questions you have, you can reach Venti-Now here:

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