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How We Started

How We Started

How did Venti-Now get started?

The call to arms in this war against Coronavirus began in Mid-March of 2020. That’s when my sister who is an ER doctor on the front lines, began to relate the carnage to our family and how the severe lack of necessary ventilators was increasing the death toll...

About Us

Venti-Now is a Cincinnati based non-profit corporation that has designed a Class II low-cost portable respiratory ventilator (patent pending). It has received FDA Emergency Usage Authorization. Venti-Now units were built for rapid manufacturing and will augment much needed supplies at hospitals. Founded and led by John Molander, a retired engineer (P&G), and his team of medical, engineering, scientific and manufacturing professionals have tested, calibrated and completed designs for mass replication. We seek to expand this internationally where the needs are dire. Venti-Now's emergency ventilator was developed with strategic input from medical and technical advisors at UC Health, UC Engineering, P&G, and Your Encore. The units can be built at a fraction of the cost of devices currently in the market and have lower operation and maintenance costs. Venti-Now is a non-profit as we do not wish to profit from this pandemic. We are only seeking to cover our development and administrative costs.


Venti-Now has accomplished a lot in the last year. It all began in February 2020 with a call to action based on the impending pandemic crisis. That's when research and concepts were established for our prototype emergency ventilator. By April we had formed a non-profit, assembled our core team of volunteers, created a working prototype, and received FDA Emergency Use Authorization. In June we began manufacturing of units at PMC Smart Solutions. In September Dr.Peter Campbell traveled to Tanzania with a batch of donated ventilators to oversee the installation and train hospital staff on use and safety protocols. By October 2020 our emergency ventilators were first used on patients at two hospitals in Tanzania. In less than a year we went from an idea, to a non-profit, to having ventilators in use at hospitals in both Tanzania and Uganda.

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