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Meet The Team

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John Heithaus.jpg

John Heithaus

John Heithaus is the President of Venti-Now. John received his BS and MSC from the University of Chicago and JD from the Ohio State University. John is the General Counsel for Integrated Medical Sensors in Irvine CA. He holds credentials as Patent Attorney from the USPTO and worked previously as patent counsel in Washington DC and California. John has published several articles on antibodies, antibody patents, and patent law. John has experience developing the Ujala Technologies ventilator for Southeast Asia.


John  2012.jpg

John Molander, PE

John is the founderof Venti-Now. John received his BSME from Cornell University and joined P&G after graduation. He holds an Ohio professional engineering license and has held positions of increasing responsibility at P&G in manufacturing, engineering, and R&D before retiring. He has seventeen patents for products, materials, and processes and received P&G’s highest award for innovation in 2002. In 2007 he was appointed the Technology Entrepreneur Connect+Develop role, responsible for the P&G global Baby Care business. John retired in 2012 after almost 34 years of service at P&G and is now active in open innovation and process development consulting. John received the NSPE National Mentoring award for his work with young engineers and is  the Cincinnati Chair for MathCounts junior high mathematics program.

Design/Engineering Team Leader


Art Koehler

Art Koehler is the Venti-Now Engineering & Design Team Leader and Board Member.  Art has forty-one years’ industry experience in product technical engineering, quality engineering, reliability engineering, computer aided engineering, consumer product design and manufacturing processes.  He was the P&G Principal Investigator for cooperative research with: Los Alamos National Laboratory; Sandia National Laboratory; Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; University of Cincinnati; and Virginia Polytechnic Institute. Art is a Panel Member, US Air Force Manufacturing Technology Program, 2012.  Recipient: R&D100 Award 2003; Council for Chemical Research, Collaboration Success Award 2004. Contributing author: National Academy of Sciences, Defense Acquisition, 2005; National Institute of Standards & Technology, First Part Correct 2002; Integrated Manufacturing Technology Initiative, Modeling & Simulation 1998. Multiple methods patents: Reliability Engineering; Computer Aided Engineering; Modeling & Simulation. Art received his degree in BEME, City College of New York, 1978.



Medical Team Leader


Dr. Peter Campbell, MD


Dr. Peter Campbell is the Medical Team Leader for Venti-Now. He is the Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Cincinnati, College of Engineering and Applied Science where he guides students in the development of Capstone medical device projects. He holds numerous medical design patents for catheter delivery systems and has built and tested medical device designs including leading clinical research trials on humans, training physicians and ensuring protocol compliance. Dr. Campbell has extensive medical device industry experience with both commercial and university entities such as Boston Scientific, Baxter and Stanford University. Peter conducted Phase II trials for Inhale Theraupeutic Systems, received IRB approvals and set up the GMP documentation system for device testing and manufacturing.Dr. Campbell received his Doctor of Medicine from Xavier University School of Medicine and is a published author of medical


Board Treasurer

Muhammad Rahman.jpg


Muhammad is the Treasurer of Venti-Now. Muhammad received his BS Electrical Engineering from University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore Pakistan and PhD and Post doc from California Institute of Technology. Muhammad is a serial inventor and the founder of Integrated Medical Sensors in Irvine CA, where he invented a micro-implantable diabetes sensor.  Muhammad is also the driving force behind the Ujala ventilator based on a personal tragedy of seeing a cousin die due to the lack of affordable and available ventilators in Pakistan. 

Board Secretary

Cory Ingle.jpg

Cory Ingle

Cory is the Board Secretary of Venti-Now. Cory received his BS Chemical Engineering from University of Notre Dame and JD from Ohio State University. Cory is a partner at Dinsmore & Shohl LLP in Cincinnati, OH.  He holds credentials as Patent Attorney from the USPTA. Cory has published several articles on patent law. 

Branding/Social Media


Laura Molander

Laura is responsible for the branding, website design and maintenance, social media, and office needs for Venti-Now. She received her BSD in Fashion Design from the University of Cincinnati and her MFA in Costume Technology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She is currently the Costume Shop Draper for the College Conservatory of Music at University of Cincinnati. Her work experience in movie, opera, theatre, and dance includes; producer James Franco, Tuacahn, Santa Fe Opera, Utah Shakespeare Festival, and Costume Gallery. She incorporates new technologies into costuming such as; illuminated designs, microprocessors, laser cutting, 3D printing, and computer aided design.

Lead Design Engineer

mikenease headshot.jpg

Mike Nease

Mike Nease, Lead Design Engineer on the Venti-Now engineering team. He is the founder of Nease Enterprises, LLC. Mike left Procter & Gamble Co. after 37 years of dedicated service. While at P&G he worked in the Baby Care Organization leading the development of the processes and equipment needed for the high-speed manufacturing of baby diapers. Mike holds 14 patents for this work. He spent the majority of his career leading the development of new and innovative ways to make disposable products and heading the global expansion of product initiatives.

Nease Enterprises, LLC was born out of a vision to bring this specialized Mastery to manufacturers and construction contractors. Mike repurposed his skills and knowledge in machine and process design to help both large and small businesses including the nonprofit Venti-Now. 

Lead Process Engineer

bob webbink.jpg

Bob Webbink

Bob is the lead process engineer at Venti-Now. Bob received his BS Mechanical Engineering from the California Institute of Technology and PhD from the University of Michigan. Bob is a simulation and modeling expert at Procter and Gamble where he has worked for 20 years. Bob has several patents and has published several articles on a wide range of engineering topics. Bob is a serial inventor and problem solver who has applied his skills to several Venti-Now problems. He and his wife travelled to Tanzania to upgrade 10 of our devices in the field. Bob is very active as a volunteer designing mobility devices for handicapped individuals at May We Help.  

Lead Technical Engineer

kalnitz headshot.jpeg

Howard Kalnitz

 Howard Kalnitz is an integral part of the engineering team at Venti-Now developing the pneumatic designs for their ventilators. He graduated from RPI with a BSME degree in 1985, and joined Procter and Gamble soon after. He spent his career designing and starting up large production systems, including Foods and Beverages, Diapers, and Detergent supply systems. He was also a member of various cross-company technical specialty groups, including low cost design, and Bonding and Cutting systems, which led to several design patents. In 2016 he was honored with the PRISM award, the highest PG engineering recognizing sustained technical mastery. 
Howard retired in 2021 with 35 years of service, and is now active with several volunteer groups supporting both engineering endeavors as well as GIS (Geographical Information Systems) projects.


Lead Controls Engineer


Norm Novotney

Norman Novotney is Venti-Now's Lead Technical Engineer. Norm is an electrical and software engineer with 30+ years experience in a wide variety of industries and applications. His specialties include; project planning and execution, analog and digital design, and embedded hardware and software development. Norm's skills include assembler/C/C++/C#, Atmel/Microchip/ARM, VB/GUI, medical, consumer, industrial devices, DSP, signal processing, power supplies, lasers, electromechanical, optical products, and vision system processing.
Norm also has experience in medical product design, IEC-60601, high power switch mode laser drivers, thermoelectric temperature controls, UL/TUV/CSA testing, GMP practices, failure mode analysis, drug delivery systems, prototype development, and requirements capture and tracking. He has lead voice of customer studies discovering the wants and needs of customers through research.  

Norm has been an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the College of Engineering at the University of Cincinnati since 2014. He teaches Engineering courses, MATLAB experiments, and Labview. He was nominated for UC Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Member of the year.

Alumni Volunteers

Bill Wise - Supply/Manufacturing Leader
Giampiero Grandi - Product Supply/Business Expert
Kathy Fish - Mentor
Mark Peterson - Treasurer
Julia Molander - Board Secretary
Judith Meritz - FDA Advisor
Kristine Gross - Marketing

Brad Lawson
- Funding Leader, YourEncore CEO
Dan Peterson - Sales Team Leader
Greg Rosborough - Quality Assurance
Johnathan Wisecarver - UC Biomedical Engineering Co-op
Jacquelyn Chapman - UC Biomedical Engineering Co-op
Gordon Wigton - UC Biomedical Engineering Co-op
Jarad Watson - UC Biomedical Engineering Co-op

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