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We are in a public health crisis like never before with the COVID-19 pandemic. There will be a projected global shortage of hundreds of thousands of ventilators*. Now is the time for us to unite, to innovate and to halt this pandemic in its tracks.
* Source: University of Washington: IHME Covid-19 Projections
Special Thanks to our Medical Partners and our Volunteer Team for generously supporting the development of this device with their time, expertise, and volunteer personnel. 
We would like to thank P&G for their very generous donation of seed money, volunteers and broad expertise across research and development, engineering and supply chain to help us realize our mission of saving lives.
We would like to thank the University of Cincinnati for their generous in-kind donation and support. The efforts of their faculty and graduate students, along with access to their medical and engineering facilities and simulation lab, helped turn this vision into a reality.

About Us


Venti-Now is a Cincinnati based non-profit corporation that has designed a Class II low-cost portable respiratory ventilator (patent pending). It has received FDA temporary Emergency Usage Authorization. Venti-Now units were built for rapid manufacturing and will augment much needed supplies during the COVID-19 pandemic. Founded and led by John Molander, a retired engineer (P&G), and his team of medical, engineering, scientific and manufacturing professionals have tested, calibrated and completed designs for mass replication. We seek to expand this nationally through a generous licensing agreement. Venti-Now's pneumatic and electric prototypes were developed with strategic input from medical and technical advisors at UC Health, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, UC Engineering, P&G, and Your Encore. The units can be built at a fraction of the cost of devices currently in the market and have lower operation and maintenance costs. They will be licensed under very generous terms. Venti-Now is a non-profit as we do not wish to profit from this pandemic. We are only seeking to cover our development and administrative costs.

VENTI-NOW portable ventilators are 12"L x 12"W x 8"H, weigh 14 lbs. and have a carry handle (not shown on this earlier prototype). The device uses readily available BMV bags and off-the-shelf medical grade components for rapid manufacturing. This Class II medical device features controls for tidal volume, Inspiration time, I/E ratio, and breaths per minute; extremely important for COVID-19 patients. It has received FDA temporary Emergency Usage Authorization.

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For any questions you have, you can reach Venti-Now here:

Venti-Now Non-Profit Corp

9891 Montgomery rd, Suite 302

Cincinnati, OH, 45242


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