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Venti-Now is a Cincinnati based non-profit corporation that has designed a Class II low-cost portable respiratory ventilator (patent pending). It has received FDA temporary Emergency Usage Authorization. Venti-Now units were built for rapid manufacturing and will augment much needed supplies during the COVID-19 pandemic. Founded and led by John Molander, a retired engineer (P&G), and his team of medical, engineering, scientific and manufacturing professionals have tested, calibrated and completed designs for mass replication. We seek to expand this nationally through a generous licensing agreement. Venti-Now's pneumatic and electric prototypes were developed with strategic input from medical and technical advisors at UC Health, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, UC Engineering, P&G, and Your Encore. The units can be built at a fraction of the cost of devices currently in the market and have lower operation and maintenance costs. They will be licensed under very generous terms. Venti-Now is a non-profit as we do not wish to profit from this pandemic. We are only seeking to cover our development and administrative costs.

VENTI-NOW portable ventilators are 12"L x 12"W x 8"H, weigh 14 lbs. and have a carry handle (not shown on this earlier prototype). The device uses readily available BMV bags and off-the-shelf medical grade components for rapid manufacturing. This Class II medical device features controls for tidal volume, Inspiration time, I/E ratio, and breaths per minute; extremely important for COVID-19 patients. It has received FDA temporary Emergency Usage Authorization.

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For any questions you have, you can reach Venti-Now here:

Venti-Now Non-Profit Corp

9891 Montgomery rd, Suite 302

Cincinnati, OH, 45242


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