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Ventinow: A Safe, Effective, Affordable, and Durable Ventilator

Here at Ventinow, we offer a safe, effective, affordable, and durable ventilator. It's one of the most innovative portable ventilators on the market, measuring 12 inches long, 12 inches wide, and 8 inches tall. They weigh 14 pounds and have a handle to make transport easy. These safe, effective, affordable, and durable ventilator systems have a disposable Bag Valve Mask (BVM) bag in the cradle of the compression chamber, which is a go-between the unit and the patient. 

One of the best features is that you can use Ventinow ventilators in a hospital room or with a portable dry air compressor for emergency facilities. It's easy to see the inhale, exhale, and respiration rate on the display and the volume can be adjusted using the tidal volume knob. If you're searching for a safe, effective, affordable, and durable ventilator, Ventinow can help. We're a non-profit—and we've developed a Class II low-cost portable respiratory ventilator that's approved by the FDA for temporary Emergency Usage Authorization. We can manufacture these quickly to meet the ever-changing needs during the COVID-19 pandemic. 
Ventinow's safe, effective, affordable, and durable ventilator is a fraction of the cost of many devices currently on the market. They even  have lower operation and maintenance costs than the average ventilator. We're a non-profit organization here to help fight Covid-19, so reach out to us today if you could use our aid.

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