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Rapid Ventilator Production

Cincinnati Non-Profit Volunteer Ventilator Production

Venti-Now’s affordable, portable, emergency ventilator keeps patients breathing safely, and weighs less than 15 pounds. It is our goal to provide this product to everyone who needs it through rapid ventilator production processes. Venti-Now's fast production scale is due to a simple, yet elegant design, with stock components that we built for scale. Our Cincinnati non-profit volunteer ventilator systems are also incredibly intuitive to operate. They have an easy-to-read display, and multiple alarms to alert medical staff if there's a problem.

Our ventilator also uses disposable BVM bags that hospitals and EMT’s medical staff are very familiar with. They even enable you to set the Tidal Volume, inhale and exhale ratio, and respiration rate. Our rapid ventilator production is compatible with HEPA filters and PEEP valves in the expiration breathing circuit, and the BVM oxygen port can bring medical oxygen from either ICU wall delivery or oxygen tanks using their delivery controls.

Venti-Now takes pride in our role in Cincinnati non-profit volunteer ventilator production. We deliver our safe, high-quality products throughout the United States and internationally. Contact us today to find out how we can help your medical facility keep its patients healthy and safe.

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