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What sets our efforts apart?

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

John was asked this week what sets our efforts apart from the 45 or so other teams that are working on ventilators.

John Molander told them that:

  • We have a clean, inexpensive, portable design that is specifically designed for rapid manufacturing

  • We are using elements (BVM bags) that hospitals are familiar with and carry in stock (use what they already have philosophy).

  • We are organized with sub teams that are engaged and delivering against every element of the design to market pathway.

  • We are working with a large group of medical advisors and staff to get input and feedback on the device.

  • We have designed for FDA compliance (ISO stds, medical grade materials, sensors, etc..) We were the first group to approach the FDA for an EUA clearance of a driven BVM device.

  • We have a team of very competent and highly passionate individuals who flow to work issues across a wide range of fields.

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