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Upworthy Article

Check out Venti-Now in the news. Upworthy just did a wonderful article interviewing John Molander about the personal story behind the Venti-Now ventilator. Check out what a small group of volunteers can accomplish together in a month.#ForceForGood #OhioStrong

John Molander is not a typical retiree. At 63 years old, his face lights up when discussing his unusually large family (he's one of nine children!) and hobbies (teaching college kids how to safely gut and rebuild a home destroyed by natural disaster). But what really gets him excited is talking about his latest invention: a groundbreakingly affordable emergency ventilator.

Molander is an inventor, through and through. Problem-solving and innovation is in his DNA — a quality that served him well through his 34-year career with Procter & Gamble. And now, plunged into the pandemic health crisis, he's fighting against an invisible enemy...

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